Frequently Asked Questions on How to Get Pregnant

As you all know sexual intercourse is one of the key ingredients in order to get pregnant. There are other factors such as timing and health. All of these need to be correctly balanced in order to conceive.

For the purpose of this article I am going to go over sexual positions in order to improve your odds of getting pregnant.

Tip Number One

Missionary position is best. Now I know the missionary position can be conceived of as being boring. We have all seen those old movies and we all know the history of women's sexuality throughout the years.

However when it comes to getting pregnant the missionary position is said to be best. The reason the researches deem this as the case is due the ejaculation position. In this position the sperm is closest to the cervix.

During ejaculation it is also wise that the female remain still as this will help with delivery. So to round it off, incorporate the missionary position to improve your odds of getting pregnant.

Tip Number Two

Let's talk about what is referred to as the plough. This takes place when the male during intercourse thrusts in the inward and upward movement at the same time. The female in this position places her legs upward around the male's buttocks. The male enters her from the front and she can as this occurs close her legs tighter.

Tip Number Three

Avoid stress as this does not help your objective when it comes to getting pregnant. Do not make sexual intercourse into some routine. Variety is very important along with the motivation to actually have sex in the first place. If either partner is disinterested then this could affect you ability to conceive. So spice and build it up so that both of you are aroused, excited and desire to have sex.

To conclude, you can talk this over with your partner so as to make sure that you both enjoy love making by basically telling one anther what turns you on..

Women all over the world are trying on a daily basis to get pregnant without success, it is however not impossible. There are ways to increase the fertility and the chances of getting pregnant without having to spend your savings. Below you will find common questions that women have asked on how to improve their chances of getting Pregnant
No, as long as your still having your periods and you still produce eggs then you are physically able to get pregnant. There is no reason why your age should stop you!
It is possible that certain positions can increase the chance of conceiving as they allow the sperm to get closer to the cervix. You will want to concentrate on deep penetration positions.
Yes this will effect the chances of getting pregnant, you need to relax and follow natural methods of increasing your chances of getting pregnant. Stress will reduce the health of your eggs, as well as mix up your monthly cycles. This will result in you not being able to plan when you wish to conceive.
Fruit and Vegatables can provide your body with the require vitamins and minerals. This improving the health of your eggs, you should stay away from caffine as this can affect your blood flow which can result can lessen your ability to conceive.
Smoking can affect the health of the eggs that are produced; it does also affect your partner’s sperm count and mobility. You should also try as hard as you can to not 2nd hand smoke.
It is known that if you are due to start your period, you should try and conceive 5 days before this date. At this point you do have a 30% more chance of conceiving than any other time. There are many different natural methods that work to help increase your chance of getting pregnant, Following them all and getting professional advice will take you one step closer to holding you very own child!