I Think I Am Pregnant – How to Determine If You Are Pregnant With the Help of 5 Pregnancy Symptoms

Pregnancy Miracle is an eBook that opened up many new doors for me on my quest to becoming pregnant. It was a great relief to me to find a natural means of getting pregnant instead of drugs or in vitro fertilization. I do currently follow a holistic lifestyle, which is to embrace the body as a whole entity and not just bits and pieces that don't work right. However, if you are not currently following this practice, Pregnancy Miracle does go through all of the holistic options for you on your path to getting pregnant naturally. I was completely blown away by the vast amounts of knowledge in the eBook Pregnancy Miracle, it was refreshing to actually read about someone who was having the same issues as myself and was just as eager to find a natural means of conception.

Lisa Olsen is a wonder and her writing was enjoyable. I felt like we were taking the journey together, and it was wonderful to have another woman's perspective through such a trying ordeal. Trying to get pregnant can be frustrating, especially if you've had the disappointing news that you may be infertile. I would like to tell you not to give up, there are other means available to you and it all starts with healthy living; eating right and getting appropriate exercise and lowering those stress levels. Clean your body of toxins; quit smoking and make sure you're taking your prenatal vitamins with iron and folic acid.

I got my start with switching to as many organic foods as I could get from the grocery store. I quit smoking and asked my partner to do the same. We began to exercise by taking frequent walks and maintained healthy eating by cutting out most of our red meat diet and switching to chicken and fish. This is just the surface of what can be done, I followed the steps, cleaned up my lifestyle and now I have a healthy son, he'll be three in June, and he is my constant reminder of the many blessings in my life.

“I think I am pregnant.” Is this the true statement of what is going in your mind? There are many pregnancy symptoms that help to determine if you are pregnant. The chances are that you experience only few signs of pregnancy. All women are different even the same mother may experience different signs during different pregnancies. These pregnancy symptoms start to appear the moment a women becomes pregnant.
Pregnancy symptoms normally start to appear when the fertilized egg implants itself in the wall of the uterus. Some women even start to experience signs of pregnancy prior to this. The level of progesterone rises after ovulation. A most common pregnancy symptom is the increase in the body temperature for 5 days following the ovulation. Some women even experience slight bleeding at the time of implantation. Lower abdominal cramps are also the earliest pregnancy symptoms.
If a woman experiences earliest pregnancy symptoms it is better that she should go for a pregnancy test. To improve accuracy of the pregnancy test it is also recommended that mom-to-be should wait for at least 14 days after ovulation. Blood test carried out in the laboratory is more sensitive and accurate. If a woman repeatedly has negative results on the home pregnancy test but she continue to experience signs of pregnancy she must consult doctor.

Though all these are earliest pregnancy symptoms but sometimes women can experience these signs without being actually pregnant.