Do You Want to Get Pregnant? – Tips to Help With Timing

Yeast infection otherwise known as Candida, is a common occurrence in this country. Women, men, and children can all get different forms of this condition. Yeast infection is caused by microscopic fungi or yeast that naturally occurs in and on our bodies. When conditions are right they can multiply rapidly and cause an infection.

You may be thinking that yeast infection is a women's issue but in fact yeast infections go far beyond the highly talked about vaginal type. These types of infection can be in the mouth, vaginal cavity, penis, underarms, toenails, and fingernails. Most of the time when treated correctly yeast infections are not serious.

You may be wondering how long does it take to recover from a yeast infection. The answer is it depends on the location and your overall health. Here we will look at some common types of this infection and the proposed treatment for it.


Vaginal yeast infection has the most advertised treatment options. Most cases can be treated with over the counter creams and suppositories that work in three to seven days. Even though many of these products like Monistat come in a one-dose package, it is important that women understand that it can take an additional couple of days to be completely cured. If the symptoms have not gone away in seven days, it is time to see your gynecologist. At this point, an oral antifungal drug may be administered such as the one dose Diflucan, again it may take several days for the symptoms to completely clear up.


Babies and adults can get yeast infections in the mouth; this is more commonly known as thrush. It is most common in newborns due to the prevalence of antibiotic use in women just before childbirth. The antibiotics destroy many bacteria in the system, even the necessary ones. This can allow yeast to grow unchecked in the system and lead to a yeast infection. The common treatment for oral yeast infection is an oral medication such as Nystatin, this type of treatment will begin to work immediately however full recovery can take as long as three weeks.

Immune Suppressed

For the person who has a decreased or suppressed immune system yeast infections will need to be handled differently. For starters, the underlying cause will need to be addressed before treatment is pursued. In some cases, oral yeast infection will be the first signs of HIV or AIDS. For these patients, the utmost care should be taken so that the infection does not spread through the entire body, which it can and does do on rare occasions.


How long does it take to recover from yeast infection? Anywhere from one day to several months, depending on the type and other medical considerations. Toenail fungus, which is another form of yeast infection, can take months to heal, while the more common strains like vaginal and mouth only require a few days. The important thing is to see a physician as soon as you can, even if you are self treating. Yeast infections can become resistant to medications over time and alternating treatments may be necessary. It is also important that you know yeast infection can spread through the whole body, and systemic Candida disease can have a mortality rate as high as 75%.

When it comes to getting pregnant regular sex is one of the key factors to your success. It is suggested that you need to have sex at least three times a week While we all know that timing is critical getting it bang on can be a challenge.
Regular sex will help you with the issue of timing. Many women refrain form sex when they think they are not ovulating; however what you think may not always be true, at least with regular healthy sex you make sure to cover all you bases.
The act of sex itself is a beautiful thing and should be enjoyed. In other words do not turn it into some mundane task that you have to do. When your sex lacks passion and intensity you will limit your chances of getting pregnant to some degree.
One is that it may turn out that you will start having less sex and the other is that when you have intense passionate sex you improve the ability of the sperm to be delivered to the egg.
If climax occurs in and around the same time more sperm can be produced and taken in and certain muscles within the female body greater enhance this capability when climaxing at the same time as your partner.
After sex do not feel it necessary to just jump out of bed and run to the shower. Relax for ten to fifteen minutes, prop your hips up a little by using some pillows and help the sperm to its destination with the use of gravity.
In conclusion health is what it is all about. A healthy sexual relationship with your partner, and a healthy diet, monitor your cycles and let nature take its course.

Simple Tactics to Help You Get Pregnant

An article on using Chinese Medicine and How Chinese Herbs have been used for millennia to help women who can't get pregnant - get pregnant!

There are few things more frustrating that being told at 37 that you can't get pregnant, that you won't get pregnant and not to get your hopes up. You're not old, you live a healthy life and you're ready for motherhood - until someone decided to step in and say "Sorry it just wasn't meant to be!"

Thanks for nothing.

And there are two ways - two directions those unsympathetic words can push you. Compliance or rebellion.

You either agree and take the easy option, give up on your dreams of a child of your own (or a second child if you're having problems conceiving number two) and heed the advice of the not so sympathetic doctor.

Or you rebel and do everything in your power to find a way, to beat the 'odds' (if there is such a thing no manipulated by 'the man' and his pharmaceutical company) to find a way, to have a family and have no regrets that you did absolutely everything possible to realize your right to a family of your own.

Crying, screaming, diapers - laughing, running, hugging and growing up.

For hundreds of years Chinese medicine has recognized and treated infertility problems for women - treating hormonal imbalances, ovarian cyst, poly cystic ovary syndrome and many others. It's not just women it treated but men as well who can be affected by low sperm count, poor sperm mobility and just poor quality sperm with high percentages that are abnormal.

Acupuncture is one of the many ways to help cure infertility and research has shown it to work well with IVF treatment and help reduce number of miscarriages and stillbirths. Well worth the effort.

Chinese herbs are numerous and can be used in various combinations to tackle specific infertility problems in both men and women. Again they can alleviate the problems caused by hormonal imbalances - features that are so commonly associated with problems like ovarian cysts and PCOS.

When it comes to creating and having the one person in your life you'd do and give anything for - you have to be proactive. To look, to research and find a way. To go against their 'odds' and find out what other women in your situation are doing to have a child of their own and start a happy family.

Mother nature is a great creator and a cruel master. Don't let modern life and modern medicine hold you back when there are so many alternative and natural remedies for fertility and Chinese medicine, acupuncture and Chinese herbs are part of that path to succeed.

The subject of getting pregnant can be a very emotional one for many women. If you have been trying for any length of time it can really play on your feelings. Many women feel that they have not completed their life unless they have a baby. Whether you agree or disagree with this one cannot deny the reality for those who feel this way.
To give answers is simple, one can read lots of books and often we find ourselves more concerned with the solutions over that of solving the problem. We seek desperately the answers so much so that we can become consumed and overwhelmed at the same time. Therefore we lose sight of what we are actually doing.
This has the knock on effect of leading to stress. Stress is the last thing you need when trying to get pregnant. Of course no one can tell you to relax as that is easy for them to say. However what you can do is begin to realize that stress is taking place and that it will not solve your problem.
To eliminate it you will need to examine what you are doing. What are you eating, do you drink lots of coffee or energy caffeinated drinks? Does your diet consist of a lot of sugar? Are you drinking alcohol?
Are you keeping a diary of your daily activities, are you getting any exercise and do you take time out for yourself to relax? What additional vitamins are you taking? How frequently do you have sex and is it enjoyable or repetitious?
By noting all this you can then consult with a medical professional, this will enable them to identify certain key patterns that may be creating the problem. Furthermore you can join a support group and discuss these issues, because a problem shared is a problem halved.
There are so many variables in each individual’s life that it is impossible to have the perfect answer, however with diligent observation results can be achieved and by writing things down you will relieve some tension in your mind which will lead to less stress.
Logically all of this can only help and not hinder your chances of getting pregnant.

7 Remedies to Get Pregnant Fast – Highlights About Homeopathic Cure to Conceive a Baby Faster

Although it may sound far-fetched, home remedies for getting pregnant have been effectively used by millions of women for centuries throughout history. Keep in mind, it only sounds far-fetched because of our dependence on conventional medicine, which has also developed our need for quick fixes.

I feel every woman's frustration in battling infertility, and unfortunately I felt that everything outside of what "fertility specialists" told me were myths. After all, they were specialists and wore white coats, so they must have been right. Wrong.

What I found is by taking my health and body into my own hands I could better understand the process of conceiving, and find the problem areas that need to be fixed. But wading through the world of reproductive information is daunting, and the most important thing is to find multiple sources of information contained in one place. This would eliminate a great deal of trial and error, and headaches.

What are the myths and facts about home remedies for getting pregnant?

Prenatal vitamins are great for bone strength and preparing the body for pregnancy in a small way. However, if you have struggled with fertility, it means that there are issues bigger than those prenatal vitamins can solve for you. For instance, you may have a problem with high levels of acid in cervical mucus which kills sperm travelling to fertilize the egg. Prenatal vitamins don't come close to addressing an issue like this.

This is probably the most frequently heard myths regarding home remedies for getting pregnant. The fact is, whether you hold in semen for 2 minutes or 2 days is inconsequential. Sperm can survive in the body for up to 5 days. Once they are in, they're in and are trying to find an egg to fertilize. You holding semen in for too long could actually hurt you because it can cause a urinary tract infection, which leads to antibiotics to clear the UTI and ultimately ruin your chances for conceiving that month.

Although a healthy sex life definitely increases chances of pregnancy, it is a wide held myth that having intercourse every day will result in pregnancy. As a matter of fact, too much sex can actually decrease pregnancy odds. Sounds strange, doesn't it? It is recommended that you have sex every other day, or take a two night break before ovulation. This is beneficial because after a two or even three night break the sex will be more intense, which means more cervical mucus, and more potent sperm from your partner.

Obviously there are more myths and literature on overcoming infertility naturally. The types of foods you eat, lifestyle you live, make up you wear, shampoo and cleaning supplies you use, types of exercises and physical activity, and the types of vitamins you take all have a hand in you winning your fight against infertility.

Fertility is basically an easy process; the sperm fertilizes the egg. The reasons

it doesn't happen are immense. Arm yourself with knowledge of your body and reproductive system and what makes it stronger or weaker and you will be amazed at how fast you can win your battle.

Have you been planning to get pregnant for more than 6 months without any success? Are you starting to get worried about it? Well, take it easy! There are many factors (biological, physiological, psychological, environmental etc…) that are involved to having troubles conceiving a baby. But fortunately, there are solutions too! One of them consists to follow a homeopathic treatment. Why is the principle of this soft medicine? Which are the seven most effective homeopathic remedies to get pregnant faster? Can homeopathy work for you?
Homeopathy is a natural medicine that takes patient’s body, mind and spirit into consideration. Its main rule is based on the following Latin law: “Similia Similibus Curantur” which means ‘like cures like’. For example, the very substance able to produce symptoms of sickness in a healthy person will be the right remedy for a patient who is suffering from the similar symptoms. It is something like to introduce an inoffensive disease into the patient’s body (which will cause the same symptoms in a healthy person) in order to cancel the present health problem out! The idea is to match the symptoms of sickness with the suitable homeopathic remedy.
1) Ovanirium – 7 C
2) Folliculinum – 7 C
3) Progesteronum – 7 C
4) Luteostimuline
5) Lycopodium – 9C
6) Gelsenium – 9C
7) Calcarea – 30C (for
it helps to increase sperm count.)
If you make up your mind to try this soft and safe therapy, it would be better to consult first a practitioner of homeopathy. Please, don’t take homeopathic remedies which have not been prescribed by a competent doctor!
I don’t really want to stir up controversy about the problem of homeopathy’s reliance. But you need to understand that this therapy has been the subject of many studies in order to clarify whether it is reliable or not. As the result, any study has been able to prove the effectiveness of its remedies. Some people say that homeopathy remedies are no more effective than placebos. Others say it works very well in their case, whether it is psychological or not.
To tell the truth, any plan or method can work 100%! As we have mentioned before, there are so many factors that are involved to having problems getting pregnant fast. But, some plans are more effective than the others because they take a large range of factors in consideration to treat the root cause of the problem. It is the case of Michellle’s plan.
Michelle saw a lot of specialists and none of them had been able to help her to get pregnant. She thought she’d never have a baby. Fortunately, Michelle finally gave birth to a beautiful son following a plan that worked within 4 short months. Feel free to read Michelle’ story in her

Get Pregnant Already – 5 Tips to Help You Finally Get Pregnant Even If Everything You Tried Failed

Are you frustrated after continuously failing to get pregnant? Do you fear that you or your partner may be infertile? Do you have feel that you could never have a baby? Do you want to get pregnant fast? If so, pay close attention here.

Even if you've failed in your attempts to get pregnant before and are sick of the failures, let me tell you something. You're not alone. I was in your shoes sometime ago as well. Despite of trying to get pregnant several times, I failed and became frustrated.

Just when I felt that all hope was gone, I came across a holistic program that solved my problems right away. The holistic program involved a set of acupressure techniques, lifestyle changes and diet changes which boosted my fertility ultra fast and got me pregnant in just 52 days. If I can do it, so can you.

Consuming alcohol on a frequent basis can completely reduce your fertility and lower your chances to conceive. Excessive alcohol intake in males tends to cause low sperm count in males which in turn leads to poor quality sperms that fail to get fertilized. Alcohol also contains several toxins that turn your body hostile to fetus growth. If you tend to drink on a consistent basis, stop right away. Reduce your intake to once per month or once every two months.

Folic acid is a must if you want to increase your chances of conceiving and get pregnant fast. Folic acid, not only boosts your fertility, it is also known to prevent many health problems in your baby. Folic acid will totally immunize your baby against certain health problems like spina bifida.

Intake of folic acid ensures high quality egg production which in turn increases the chances of successful fertilization of the sperm. Make sure that you seek the advice of your doctor on the quantity of folic acid you must take. 0.4 mg of folic acid every day is recommended by most doctors.

There are certain herbs which are known to boost your fertility and thereby increase your chances of conceiving. Dong Quai is one such herb which is found to be very effective in treating fertility issues. Most of the eastern health practices highly recommend this herb for a number of issues. Dong Quai is known as American Ginseng or Angelica.

There comes that time in every couple’s life when they feel the absolute desire of having their first child. After waiting several months or even years, you feel that you can’t wait any longer and simply want to have a baby very intensely.
You start trying to get pregnant but it seems that you simply can’t and you find it hard to understand why – also, this leaves you extremely frustrated and anxious.
Perhaps you already have a child and want another one or perhaps you are over the traditional conceiving years and even though you still want to get pregnant you feel that it can’t happen for you anymore.
Many couples experience this kind of frustration but you need to understand that whatever the case, you can get pregnant and you can do so without expensive and even dangerous treatments that are available.
Here are 5 simple tips that will help you finally get pregnant:
It’s so important to have a good understanding of how your body works and know when you are ovulating as this is the best period in which you can get pregnant. The ovulation period is easy to find out, usually you just have to extract 2 weeks from the moment you’re expecting your menstrual cycle.
Now that you know your ovulation period, it’s crucial to have sex regularly several days before you ovulate, on the exact day, and a day after. This will dramatically increase chances of getting pregnant.
Obesity is a leading factor to infertility so you should try and live a more healthy life if this is your case. Generally you should consume low fat foods when trying to get pregnant as they are more easily digested. Foods high in protein help a lot in these cases.
While it may seem improbable, stress is a crucial factor that stops you from getting pregnant. Your body and mind need to feel relaxed at all times so make sure you have a positive attitude and always get a good night’s sleep.
If you have done everything by the book and still can’t get pregnant don’t opt for expensive and even dangerous treatments that can actually decrease your chances of getting pregnant. What you should do is use a natural treatment that deals with all the reasons you can’t conceive and helps you get pregnant in as little as 8 weeks even if you are over 40.

Getting Pregnant After a Miscarriage – Where to Get Emotional Support

Looking for some good advices on how to get pregnant fast is very important if you don't want to waste your time on trying to have a baby. Many couples believe that they can easily have their own baby by just having regular sexual relation. However, this is not true.

Some couples can't have a baby because of their infertility problems. Then, how do you know that you have this problem or not? Well, it is said that if you have been trying to get pregnant for more than one year and it's still not happening, then, there is a possibility that you, or your partner, may have infertility problem.

If you want to know about how to get pregnant fast, talking to your doctor is one of the good things you should do because, the time like this, you need to get information as much as possible. Then, you can prepare yourself, and your partner, to have a baby in the near future.

However, if you want to learn on how to get pregnant fast, but you are not comfortable to talk to your doctor, then, these are some advices on how to get pregnant fast, which will be your good start.

The first advice on how to get pregnant fast is that you need to understand your own body system by observing your monthly cycle without taking any pills, in order to get the most accurate results. If you have been taking the birth control pill for more than one year, you need to stop taking the pill and wait for two or three months before your body can have normal period again.

During this time, you should monitor the length of your cycle in order to forecast the best day to try to get pregnant.

You need to pay close attention to any lower stomach discomfort symptom that might be happening. This is also an important advice on how to get pregnant fast because this could be a good sign that the ovulation is coming. So, trying to have a baby in this time would a good idea as well.

The other sign for your ovulation, besides the lower stomach discomfort, is your body temperature. During your cycle, you will see slight changing from your body temperature in each week. You might be able to see how it is going when your period starts. So, if your miss your good days for this month, this technique will help you to get a good idea for the next month or so. This is considered to be one of the good technique on how to get pregnant fast.

If you have a chance to talk to your doctor, I believe that you will be told to check on your past family history. This is one of the advice on how to get pregnant fast. For example, if you find out that your mother didn't have any trouble getting pregnant, then, this is a good sign that you may not have the same trouble as well.

So, just check on your past family history, such as, your mother, grandmother, sisters, aunts, and anyone who is blood relatives.

The last advice on how to get pregnant fast is that your stress levels need to be as low as possible. High stress level is not a good condition for you to get pregnant at all. Remember that you might miss your period because of your high stress levels. So, if you are suffering from this situation, then, you really need to do something to get rid of your stress as soon as possible.

Finally, if you are following these advices as mentioned, then, you can be sure that you are doing everything you can on how to get pregnant fast, and you will see the results real soon. Good luck.

For most couples, getting pregnant after miscarriage is a hard thing to do. What if there will be another miscarriage? Are you ready for another emotional turmoil? Experiencing miscarriage is like dying of a child. It hurts so badly that you don’t want it to happen anymore. But you are determined to try again–that is, if you are finally ready, emotionally.
Getting emotional support to at least lessen your burden is a great start. You need to feel okay before you try getting pregnant after miscarriage. Here are some suggestions where you can find emotional support:

Who else can understand exactly how you feel but your partner? He is the one who were there with you when you started dreaming to have a child. He was also there when the bad news happened. Now, you both need emotional support from each other. Get some strength from him. Make sure you support him, too. Although he did not suffer the physical stress, he surely suffered the emotional stress.

A friend is always ready to lend a hand. Your friend may not fully understand what you are going through but at least, she is ready to listen. That is already a very big help to unload your emotional burden.

Talk with a sister, brother, mother, or father–anyone in the family that is close to you. Be honest about how you feel because of the miscarriage. Open up and tell them your plans. Ask pieces of advice. They surely are ready to lend a hand at all times.

During an emotional burden that talking to a spiritual teacher will be helpful. Keep your faith for there is plan for you, as most of them say. Your spiritual adviser will help you understand why this thing is happening to you and your family. You’ll find light and hopes with the adviser’s pieces of advice.

Are you a member of a certain organization related to what you are experiencing? Maybe you are in a club for wives or those struggling to get pregnant. They surely understand how you feel especially those who also try