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How to Get Pregnant Fast

Women have many options available to them when choosing to become pregnant. Obviously having sexual intercourse often is one course of action, but there are other options that should also be considered if you want to be pregnant quickly.

Here are the top 2 tips on how to get pregnant fast

Tip 1 – Timing is everything. An important step is to identify when ovulation is occurring as these are the only times when a women can conceive. It is during these times that the couple should focus their Love Making efforts, and should do so a minimum of once every 24-hours. To identify when ovulation will occur, there are several tools available to help including ovulation calendars, ovulation prediction kits and basal thermometers.

Tip 2 – Picking the right position. Conception can occur from any sexual position, however what is commonly referred to as the missionary position, is generally considered the best. This position allows for the penis to penetrate deep into the cervix and provide the best opportunity and shortest distance to travel for the sperm to the egg. A pillow placed under the woman’s hips will also raise the pelvis and provides an even better position for conception. This will further prevent leakage after sex.

Tip 3 – Just relax. It has been proven that stress decreases fertilization. Therefore it is important for both of you to be relaxed when making love. High demands of each other and unrealistic expectations are also going to take the fun out of what is a pleasurable experience, the creation of life. So relax and enjoy the journey.