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Getting Pregnant? – What You Must Do Before You Even Think About It

If you’re thinking about trying to have a baby, there are some things that you must be doing before getting pregnant. Having a baby is a very big decision and you need to make sure both your body and mind are prepared to handle what’s to come.

Below is a list of things you need to be doing before getting pregnant. Doing so will help ensure that your body can support the pregnancy and that you will give birth to a healthy newborn baby.

Here is your ‘Must-Do’ list.

While this may seem like a very strange thing to do before getting pregnant, far too many couples underestimate what a baby is going to cost them and don’t plan well for these expenses. While your financial planner is not going to be able to help you determine the cost of having a baby (this is something you should estimate on your own with your partner), the financial planner can help you develop a budget and savings plan to support your unborn child.

This is very critical because financial stress can creep up very quickly and you won’t want to be worrying about that once the baby is born.

Next, you’ll want to make an appointment to see your doctor to get a full physical done to ensure that everything is where it needs to be for you to be able to get pregnant.

If you’ve had irregular periods in the past or have other concerns regarding your ovulation, now is the time to really speak up because it could prevent you from becoming pregnant.

It’s not a bad idea to have your husband get checked up too, as in many cases the problem with not being able to conceive isn’t with the woman, but with the man.

You’re also going to really want to have a thorough look at your lifestyle habits and potentially make some adjustments.

The big given adjustments that need to be made are to stop smoking and drinking alcohol if you currently are. While some women figure it is okay to carry on doing so until you have actually conceived, this is not the case, particularly with alcohol.

If you happened to conceive one night without knowing it and had a drink that evening, this could potentially harm your baby.

Dietary Adjustments Next up, you should consider making some dietary adjustments before getting pregnant to help promote conception as well as help ensure you’re baby will be healthy.

Limit the consumption of caffeine, high volumes of foods containing vitamin A, C, or D, soft cheeses, undercooked eggs, and undercooked meats.

Focus on including more foods such as green leafy vegetables, cabbage, cauliflower, oranges, bananas, milk, grains, and chicken.

This will help get your body ready for the process of pregnancy.

Folic acid is also vital for expecting mothers, so it’s a smart move to get on a good supplement beforehand to ensure there are no deficiencies.

Finally, the last thing to do before getting pregnant is to take steps to decrease your overall stress levels. Having a high amount of stress will decrease the body’s immune system, making you more susceptible to colds or other viruses, which could cause problems should you become pregnant.

While trying to get pregnant in itself can be stressful, try and incorporate stress-reducing activities into your day as frequently as possible to help overcome this.

Your doctor will likely have other recommendations you should be doing before

but by following this list it will give you a very good starting place to prepare for the journey ahead.